Learn Spanish

 Follow this is how to teach children to learn Spanish on Youtube .

chocolate/un lápiz chocolate/ a pencil Listen to these two words and put your hand up when you think you know which one means a pencil“. Repeat chocolate/un lápiz a number of times and eventually confirm that un lápiz is pencil and chocolate is chocolate. Give pupils the opportunity to practice say the two words with various technques (see video)
necesitoI need “A very important word in language is I need – you may want to say I need help, I need the toilet, or even I need chocolate! The word for I need in Spanish is necesito “. Repeat a few times and allow pupils to practise and play around with the pronunciation. I need a pencil – Necesito un lápiz I need chocolate – Necesito chocolate
ayudahelp “And often in class we need help, help. The Spanish word for help is ayuda. Pupils practise saying this I need help – Necesito ayuda
Recap: Ask students to discuss in pairs or in groups what they have learnt. If you want more lesson content just continue to Lesson 2.


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